DIY Moisturizing Hair Mask

I like to dye my own hair. I like to change my look up pretty often and it’s fun to do it myself. I was using henna last year to color my hair and then decided I was a little bored of constantly having red hair. I dyed it black, grew tired of that quickly, tried to go back red and then decided that I wanted blonde highlights. Needless to say my hair got pretty fried. Every couple years I decide it’s time to chop my hair off and nurse it back to health. That’s what I did yesterday. I went to the salon and chopped about 6 inches off. It feels amazing. I decided I’d like to go full onΒ  blonde which means more dye and damage to my hair so I think I will be keeping it short for a while.
I would like to keep my hair as healthy as possible so in addition to getting regular haircuts I will also be using hair masks to deep condition my hair. I came up with the recipe on the fly this morning.

1/4 avocado
1 tbsp. of olive oil
10 drops of lavender oil
1 egg

The egg adds protein to your hair and the avocado and olive oil add healthy moisturizing fats. Lavender essential oil is great for your scalp because it is moisturizing and antibacterial.Β 

Blend everything in a blender and apply to dry hair. Put a shower cap over your head and heat your hair with a hair dryer. This helps the mask penetrate into your hair better. It may dry kind of hard and crunchy but it washes out easily.

After about 10- 15 minutes hop into the shower and shampoo like normal.

Your hair will be soft and silky! Try this about once a week for best results!

oh.. and my new haircut looks like this. Sorry for the awful video cam photo but I am experiencing technical difficulties with pretty much all my cameras and my iphone at the moment!Β 

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One Response to DIY Moisturizing Hair Mask

  1. I really want this now. It sounds amazing. You hair looks gorgeous, I can't believe you didn't style it there,


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