My Ugly Front Yard

I’ve shown a ton of photos on this blog of the inside of my home but up until this point have neglected the front yard- and you’re about to see why. It isn’t pretty. Our front yard area is huge as we live on a farm and there is a really long gravel driveway that goes from the road through a wooded area and then past our house and down to our neighbors/ in-laws houses that live on the same property as my husband and I. It’s private enough that I don’t worry too much about curb appeal since no one comes back to our place unless they are coming to visit us or delivering mail. It is however, embarrassing enough when people visit us that I’ve decided this is the year I’m going to try to make it pretty.

In the past 3 years we’ve lived here I have made little vegetable gardens and tried to plant flowers and other shrubs. Some worked some failed miserably. I think at this point I have learned enough from my trial and error that I should be able to have some success this year. I’m working on a plan on these cold winter days and come spring time I should be ready to go. I’d like to have things pretty much completed before the baby comes in August.

Here is the current state of the garden:

Β This is the view from the gravel driveway. I’d like to cut back the big mess of shrubs and weeds in the little garden planted by the previous owners. Also, the satellite dish on top of the house is not functional but for some reason we never took it down. We don’t even have basic cable!

This is the view from the front steps looking right. I’m planning on putting up a picket fence from the side of the house to the trees and planting roses along it. Maybe a trellis leading to the backyard as well.Β  I’m planning to install window boxes under the windows on the front of the house.

I want to put a little garden bench next to the tree with a couple bird baths. I’m thinking hostas and ferns would like nice in this little shaded area. Maybe more herbs and some periwinkle for ground cover.Β 

I’d like to rebuild the steps and add new railings. It’s pretty rickety at the moment and I don’t want anyone to fall down these steps. I also want to repaint the front door and get some new house numbers and possibly some planters with flowers for the front porch.

This is the view from the front porch. I’d like to move the clothes line but to where, I’m not sure. I also want to redo the veggie garden. It’s a huuuge mess at the moment.

What do you think? It all seems like a ton of work but if I work on things bit by bit every weekend once the weather starts to warm up it should look really nice by August.
Do you have any suggestions for me? Paint colors for the front door? Flowers and shrubs to plant?
We are zone 7b in the Pacific Northwest.
I’ll keep you updated on my progress!

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One Response to My Ugly Front Yard

  1. Weird Amiga says:

    I love seeing an untamed backyard because it radiates potential. The pine trees seen from your porche are very beautiful!

    I'm not sure what grows in the Pacific Northwest, but I've always thought that when I have a backyard, I will go with something between English and Prairie garden, so that it feels like nature is slowly taking over what once was a garden.

    I also love gardens that have a bit of a 'reveal': a garden you can't overlook from one spot. Little paths that take you to hidden spots, etc.
    Maybe you can conceal your clothesline that way?


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