Alice In Wonderland Inspired Bookmark Tutorial

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I bought a collection of keys off Ebay last week. A whole cookie tin full of cool looking skeleton keys and unique vintage keys. I was planning on making the skeleton keys into necklaces and using the others for various craft projects. I thought it would be fun to make a bookmark inspired by one of my favorite books Alice in Wonderland. One end of the bookmark holds an antique skeleton key and the other a tiny glass bottle with the poem Golden Afternoon by Lewis Carroll.

You can buy the ribbon and tiny glass bottle at the craft store or online. I typed out  the poem and printed it in size 4 font.

The bottle is about and inch tall and comes with the cork. You can buy the little screw to fit in the cork as well as the jump ring at the craft store if it does not come with one.

I used almost 40″ of ribbon for the bookmark and trimmed the excess a little once I was finished. If you have a specific book your want to make the bookmark for you can just measure it specifically for that book.

There are a lot of different variations you could do depending on the theme you want for your bookmark. If you are making the bookmark to go with a specific book as a gift your can use different charm or even feathers to match the theme of the book. Another idea I had, if you are giving the bookmark as a gift is take a key that has special meaning to the recipient like the key to a first home or car and use that instead of the skeleton key. One the other end of the ribbon add charms that relate to the recipient like their birthstone or zodiac sign.
Do you have any favorite crafts to make using keys? I have a ton of old keys to find new uses for!

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4 Responses to Alice In Wonderland Inspired Bookmark Tutorial

  1. Really beautiful and unique. Great gift for a book lover. Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library. I am a new follower.


  2. Featuring you this week!


  3. Tara Lowe says:

    Oh my Gosh, You are so COOL and INSPIRING! I love to see other people who are crafty as I try to be :) Your ideas are amazing. Keep up the wonderful work!


  4. Thank you so much Tara! You are so sweet!


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