Weekend Time Warp Novemeber 11th

The weekend is never long enough is it? Soon Sunday will come to a close and it’s time to start the next work week all over again.  It’s a super chilly day here in Washington and I’m getting ready to go for a run with my friend in a short while. I’m trying to brace myself for the freezing cold temperatures, thinking warm thoughts! Next weekend I am going to run a local 5km race called the Turkey Trot. I’m dragging my hubby along with me. He’s a naturally great runner. Me, not so much. My cardio is terrible but you have to start somewhere I guess!

Hope you enjoy what’s left of your weekend. Here are some blog posts you may have missed from this time last year on Crafty Little Gnome:

Bulbs Sprouting Early?
How to Cut Onions Without Crying
Upcycled Sweater Vases

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