Weekend Time Warp November 3rd

Wow, it’s November already! Can you believe it? The days are about to get almost unbearably short with daylight savings this weekend and the weather is increasingly wet and gloomy. This is definitely not my favorite time of year! Christmas time will be coming up before we know it and judging by all the Christmas decorations up in the stores you might even say it’s already here!
I had a good week. We went to the pumpkin patch last weekend but all the pumpkins out in the patch were rotten which was sad. We decided to buy ourselves some squash instead! My husbands last name is Hubbard and we found this squash called sweet meat Hubbard so naturally we had to buy it. I think I will make some tasty soup with one of the squashes this week.
Now, here’s a list of posts you may have missed from this time last week:

Homemade dog biscuits
Last years fun times at the pumpkin patch
Fun with paint pens

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2 Responses to Weekend Time Warp November 3rd

  1. Not a fan of wet and gloomy either! :P


  2. Lets think sunny thoughts!


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