Weekend Time Warp October 28th

All the pine cones in the forest have these tiny mushrooms growing out of them!

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s been a weird weekend for me. Yesterday my pug Doug got really sick and we didn’t know why. She started throwing up and continued to for about 4 hours. Since it was Saturday I had to take her into the emergency animal hospital. The vet there couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her either but they gave her medicine to stop the nausea and fluids to rehydrate her. She slept all night and seems to be doing better this morning so far. Poor girl. I wish our pets could talk and tell us what’s wrong with them :(

Here is a hilarious photo of Doug from last week. SheΒ  has a spot she likes on the couch and I had placed a curtain rod on it. Well that wasn’t going to stop her from napping.

Needless to say Doug did not make the American Pole Vault Olympic Team

Last week we got new windows installed in our house! We previously had horrible, horrible single pane windows with aluminum frames. If you happen to also have single pane windows with aluminum frames then you will know exactly how bad they are. In the winter there would be ice forming on the inside of the window frames. They were so drafty you could hold your hand in front of the glass and feel a draft! We bought the new windows from Home Depot and they are awesome! Double pane with vinyl frames. I never knew I could love windows so much but I do. The house is already way warmer!

Also, a big thanks to everyone who filled out the reader survey I posted last week. You guys left me some really sweet comments. I’ve got that warm fuzzy feeling inside and I’m motivated to keep working on this blog and trying to make it better than ever. It seems like the topic you like to read about most are DIY and crafts which is great because I love working on those projects, even if they do take the most effort and sometimes money. You also really seem keen to read more posts on gardening, before and after home renos, natural health and beauty remedies and home keeping/cleaning tips. I am happy to oblige and please keep any requests you have coming!

Ok, lets get to the fun stuff: Here’s a list of posts you may have missed from this time last year:

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Pug O’Ween Party

Hope you are having a great weekend!

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