Guest Post: What Counts as Water?

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  I’m excited to share another great guest post with  you today. Brianne is here to discuss to importance of proper hydration in children and tips for parents to keep your kids healthy and hydrated! 

What Counts as Water? Keep your child Hydrated and Healthy

Parents take great pains to ensure that their little ones eat properly and follow a healthy and balanced diet. However, one thing that most parents seem to neglect is to make their kids stay hydrated. Kids, in most cases, are not aware of the importance of consuming water and fail to drink the amount of fluids required by the body. Moreover, they do not like to drink plain water throughout the day and prefer to drink carbonated beverages instead, which are unhealthy. In such a situation, parents can help kids to make healthy choices and to make them understand the role of hydration to maintain strength and energy. This article provides a few tips to make children stay hydrated and healthy in an enjoyable way.

1. Water- a perfect hydrator

Water is one of the most important needs of a body. Water provides essential nutrients to the body, helps it to stay hydrated and aids in developing a strong and healthy immune system. In fact, for kids, intake of water is very essential as they tend to dehydrate quickly as a result of increased physical activity. Kids should be made aware of the health benefits of plain, distilled water so that they enjoy drinking it to quench their thirst.

2. Pure juices- a healthy option

Though water is the best source of hydration, there are instances when kids hate to drink water all the time. As an alternative, kids may be given fresh fruit and vegetable juices to remain hydrated. In this way, they get the required amount of water in a flavored taste. You may prepare these juices at home or buy pure juices which are not overloaded with artificial sweeteners and preservatives, from the stores.

3. Eat foods with enriched water

A way to replace fluids in the body is to eat fruits and vegetables which contain water. Parents need to encourage their kids to consume fresh fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, carrot, cucumber, strawberry, grapes, tomatoes, berries to name a few. You can pack mixed fruits or prepare vegetable sandwich with lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes for your kid’s lunch. Apart from myriad vitamins and minerals, these fruits and veggies contain seventy to ninety-five percent of water and help effectively in hydrating the body.

4. Yummy milk

Consumption of low fat milk, without saturated fat, is very good for kids as it helps to replace the lost fluids in the body. Besides hydrating the body, it provides the body with all the essential nutrition too. Chilled milk shakes appeal to the little ones and they love to savor it quite often.
Yogurt is another healthy option to hydrate your kid’s body. With eighty percent of water in it, yogurt can be made into a wonderful drink for kids. You can blend yogurt with herbs or berries to form a refreshing sorbet. Kids may also enjoy plain yogurt or have it mixed with fruits.
Besides these few choices, you can include oatmeal, pasta and beans in your kid’s diet which absorb water when cooked and act as good sources to hydrate the body. At times, you may also treat your child with homemade Popsicles as a water substitute. With a little monitoring, awareness and smart choices, you can ensure that your kid is at a safe distance from dehydration.

About the author: Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on health and environment. Besides this she is fond of books. Recently an article on allergy attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on tree house designs.

Thanks Brianne! 
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9 Responses to Guest Post: What Counts as Water?

  1. I don't have any kids, but I feel like a lot of this still applies to me! With an early spring, we might be in for an intense summer and dehydration isn't on my list of fun things to do. :-)


  2. We have set times throughout the day when my daughter may have certain beverages. She gets a choice of what she wants, and we rotate from there throughout the day. I try to make sure she understand the concept of feeling healthy and that certain foods and beverages will keep her mind and body healthy.

    Thanks for posting this informative article!

    Tiffany from Mom's Daily Zen


  3. Yes I agree, this applies to me too, proper hydration is important at any age!


  4. I agree that emphasis on health is key. Thanks for visiting Tiffany!


  5. Great points, Brianne! I have witnessed parents giving soda to their babies and I honestly couldn't figure out why. I also know a lot of young children who simply don't drink water. It is so easy for the parents to just comply with the moment and don't work on getting their children used to water. the results are terrifying.

    Wonderful and much needed post!


  6. Anonymous says:

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  7. michaeloco says:

    Good read. It is important to keep our kids healthy and drinking water regularly is just the right thing to start it. It is interesting to know that they could get hydrated in a lot other ways rather than just water. nurofen


  8. Daisy Dee says:

    Interesting post. Water is really an effective treatment for our body and it does a lot of wonders to our health. It is important that while they are still young, we teach our kids to drink water regularly and eat food that could help their hydration level good. medical malpractice lawyers


  9. Jayden says:

    Health is one important thing to families. It should be the primary concern of parents to guide their children to proper health care. As shared by some of my friends who are divorce lawyers in perth, health problems are some of the reasons of divorce.


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