Before and After Raindrop Bathroom Makeover

This “before” shot is what my bathroom looked like when we first moved into the house 2.5 years ago. It’s pretty ugly isn’t it? The wall paper was all faded and turned a dingy shade of brown and all the wood cabinets are ugly fake wood with brass hardware. I’ve been working of re-doing this bathroom for a while now. Check out the after:  (Warning- tons of pictures ahead!)

I originally got the idea from this blog post from Chroma Lab. They did raindrops on the walls but in rainbow colors. As soon as I saw that blog post I knew I had to paint rain drops in my bathroom. I showed my husband Rob the rainbow raindrops and he liked it but thought we should just do shades of blue. I think I like just blue better too.

You can’t tell in the photos but the first thing I actually did was re-texturize the walls. There were a ton of holes in the walls that needed to be patched up so I did a variation of a knockdown texture on the walls.

After the drywall texture was dry I primed and painted the walls white and then free hand painted the little raindrops all over. Each raindrop needed 2-3 coats of paint and since they are all different colors of blue, it took a really long time to paint them all. Painting the raindrops over the textured walls was quite challenging as well. I would recommend a painting on a smooth surface and using a stencil. I think it would go much quicker.

You can see my Sharpie Marker Forest in the background.  Check out the full post on that here.

The medicine cabinet is built in and used to look like this:

I painted the inside and out and put a new handle on. I did the same to the cupboards below the sink.

I also swapped out the light fixture for a new one and added some new accessories. The mason jar soap dispenser is from Midwest Finds and the penguin art is from Berkley Illustration
So, what do you think of my Raindrop Bathroom? Oh, and if you think the before shot looked frightening wait till I show you my master bathroom. It’s a 1980’s nightmare that needs to die. There is a wooden toilet seat involved. I haven’t started it yet but it’s the next room on my list once I finish my Super Scary Laundry Room.

13 thoughts on “Before and After Raindrop Bathroom Makeover

  1. Louie Cunningham says:

    I find the raindrops makeover more delightful. The blue theme made it look so refreshing. If you feel like playing in the rain, you can simply go in this bathroom. Haha. Moreover, your Sharpie Marker Forest complements the raindrops wall paper. Nice choice!


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