Adorable Animals: Tubsimoo

Happy Monday!
Here’s a few cute photos of one of my piggies to put a smile on your face:

This is Tubsimoo rooting in the grass. All the pigs ever really do is root in the grass all day long searching for worms and bugs and other things to gobble.

They also really enjoy having their bellies scratched…

This pretty much sums up the life of my pigs. Eating and basking themselves in the suns rays. Sounds like a good life to me!
Hope you have a fabulous Monday!

7 thoughts on “Adorable Animals: Tubsimoo

  1. Adrienne Audrey says:

    Tubs and her sister Clem will both run up to us and flop themselves over so that we will scratch their bellies. I won't let the pigs in the house but I have known lots of people who keep them as indoor pets.


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