How to Clean Your Coffee Maker

When was the last time you cleaned your coffee maker? Hmm.. that long huh?
If you make coffee everyday like I do it might be a good idea to clean out your coffee maker. Your brew will taste better and you’ll feel better knowing there aren’t any nasties lurking around in the parts of the machine you can’t see.  You should clean your coffee maker  about once every month or two to help remove deposits from the water and oils from the coffee beans that can build up and go rancid. If your coffee tastes strangely bitter or just “off” for some reason it may be time to clean your coffee maker.  A mixture of water and plain white vinegar  is all you need and it will take less than an hour.

  • Fill the carafe with one third vinegar and two thirds water.  Pour it in the water reservoir and turn the machine on. Let the water mixture cycle through.
  • Once the coffee machine cools down pour out the water vinegar mixture down the drain (this is good for cleaning your drain too)
  • Fill the carafe again but only with cool water this time and run it through the machine.
  • Once the machine cools down again wipe down the outside of the machine and scrub down the pot with hot soapy water.
  • If you have a reusable coffee filter soak it a bowl with vinegar for about 10 minutes and then rinse it clean with cool water.
  •  Put the pieces of the coffee maker back together and you are all set to brew a fresh cup!

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