My Big Move

So two years ago yesterday I made my big move. It was two days after Rob and I got married in Canada. I packed up life into a U haul truck and headed south to Washington State where we live now. I left my job, my family, friends everything really- but it was the right choice. I love where we live and things are going great here for me in WA and if I ever want to go home and visit it’s really only about an hour drive plus whatever border line up there happens to be. 
Immigrating to the US was probably the biggest pain in the butt experience of my life. It took about a year to get the paperwork filed and then there was interviews, vaccinations, medical exams, more paperwork, background checks, more paperwork, X rays, more interviews, blood tests, more paperwork, oh and it was expensive! Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand why there are so many hoops to jump through but anyone who has been through the jungle of bureaucracy immigration involves will understand how frustrating it can be at times. There was literally blood, sweat and tears shed. And my immigration case was about as simple and straightforward  as they come! I really feel bad for those who have a worse time than I did.
That said, I’m here and I ain’t leaving any time soon! The US has a bad reputation with the rest of the world at times (Ok maybe most of the time!) but I have to say I love living here and everyone I met has been so nice to me. Everyone I have met in my two years here has really welcomed me into their country and made me feel at home. It’s been really nice and I just want to say thanks! It’s a nice feeling to be visiting Canada or here stateside and always feel like I am at home.
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3 Responses to My Big Move

  1. ElfRenee says:

    That does sound like a headache! But that's great that you're only an hour away from your old home!


  2. Kanelstrand says:

    Oh my, I am trying to imagine a year of everything you listed. Immigrating around Europe is much easier!


  3. Ya, I totally wish the immigration process here was like Europe but the US is pretty much the hardest country to get into legally. You pretty much have to get married in order to get over here legally.


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