Item of the Week- September 14th


Hey friends! Hope you had an awesome weekend. I spent most of my weekend working on a fence project in the backyard. It’s not quite done yet but I think it’s going to turn out great. I will share it with you in a couple weeks if the weather is nice enough to let me finish.

This week I am putting my Pink Druzy necklace on sale. Get 30% off with coupon code PINKDRUZY at checkout. I only have a couple left so if you are thinking of picking one up… Don’t wait!

DSCN4108It seems like Fall is officially here. I love this time of the year. It’s still nice enough to spend some time outside but not too hot and not too cold! I love going for walks in the woods in early fall. So pretty. It’s also almost mushroom hunting season! School starts up again next week. Fingers crossed I do as well as I did last quarter! What’s going on in your neck of the woods?


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How to Wear: Layered Necklaces

A trend that has been around for about as long as I can remember is layering multiple necklaces. When I was in high school my friends and I would wear two or three silver necklaces around our neck at once. This trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down but there are some tricks to know when trying this style out.


Silver Love Necklace, Silver Butterfly Necklace and Maginfying Necklace

A foolproof way to wear multiple necklaces is in the same finish. Above, I wore all silver but in different lengths. One short length, one medium and one long. You want to choose necklaces that are different lengths so they don’t compete too much with each other.

You can mix metals and materials and the necklaces don’t have to match but they should go together and be a similar style.


Brass Envelope Locket, Purple Geode Necklace

In the photo above I mixed the Brass Envelope Locket with the Geode Lariat necklace. They would look good alone but they look great together.


Skeleton Key Double strand Necklace

This last look features the Double strand Key Necklace and a single key on a copper chain.

When layering necklaces it’s best to tone down the rest of your outfit and forego any giant statement earrings. Let the necklaces be the focus of your outfit.

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Changes Ahead! The Future of Crafty Little Gnome


Golden Butterfly Necklace

Hello Friends,
I hope you are enjoying your long weekend. I want to let you in on some upcoming changes happening on the blog. I have been thinking a lot about what I am trying to accomplish by blogging and what I am getting out of it. I started this blog back in 2008 as a way of sharing my DIY projects and adventures. When I first started blogging I didn’t know what I was doing but I managed to navigate my way through Blogger and WordPress. Almost 600 blog posts and hundreds of thousands of views later here we are. I have blogged about everything from my family, my pets, my house, my Etsy shop, food, garden, decorating, health, fitness, beauty and just about everything else in-between that you could imagine. There have been many days where I decide in my head that I want to stop and plan to quit writing but then the next day I seem to get inspired again. One thing that has been on my mind for some time is the disconnect between my jewelry line Crafty Little Gnome and my blog Crafty Little Gnome. On one site I am making cool fashion jewelry and on the other I am blogging about things like… wheatgrass. I have a lot of personal interests and so many things constantly going through my brain…I just want to try everything and share everything with all of you. The problem with spreading yourself too thin is that you end up not really excelling at anything. I have decided to change up my focus and hone in on the jewelry side of things. I will still be blogging but I am going to write more about fashion, jewelry, styling, accessory hacks, DIY jewelry projects and ways to organize and display your personal jewelry collection. I am going to try to keep it fun and interesting and also use this blog as more of a tool to promote my shop. This blog has allowed me so many opportunities for which I am so grateful. My home was featured in DIY Magazine, I got to ride in a race car with Danica Patrick and Go Daddy, my jewelry has been featured in magazines all over the world. Is has been so crazy, fun and exciting and I can’t wait to start the next chapter of this blog. I am still keeping all my old posts accessible for reference but keep on the lookout for great changes coming your way!

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Item of the Week. September 6th


Each week I am choosing one of my best sellers at a great discount for my readers!

Golden Scarab Beetle Earrings:A pair of golden scarab beetle charms dangle from gold ear hooks. Charms are adorned with a golden chain fringe.

Beetles measure approx 1.5 inches long by 3/4 inch wide.

The scarab beetle is an important symbol in Egyptian history and mythology. They were often depicted on amulets and artifacts.

Get  yours this week only for 30% off. Use code BEETLE at checkout!

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Sunflowers!! More Bang for your Gardening Buck


If you are looking for a fun flower that is easy to grow and makes a big impact in your garden I suggest sunflowers. This year I purchased a couple of packets of sunflower seeds from Lowes and finally planted them towards the end of June. I wasn’t expecting too much as I just half hazardly plopped the seeds into the dirt but low and behold…big beautiful sunflowers!

sunflower5 sunflower4

I wish I had known years ago how easy sunflowers are to grow from seed. They are dirt cheap too. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. This year I planted the standard yellow and a bright burgundy color. Next year I want to try out some different pink ones and some of the giant variety.

sunflower2sunflower1 sunflower6sunflower5

Sunflowers can get a little top-heavy so you may have to stake them if they start to get a bit wobbly or if the weather gets too windy or wet. They make a big statement in your garden and I am planning on planting them in pretty much any empty space I can next year.

What flowers have you grown easily from seeds? Are there other ones I have been missing out on?

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A Love Letter to Electricity


After four days without power I am finally back online again. Electricity is one of those things you definitely take for granted until you suddenly are without. On Saturday we had a huge windstorm in the Pacific Northwest. Since we had such a dry summer all of the trees were brittle and still heavy with leaves that would normally fall off before our November windstorms. Well, the storm on Saturday was a doozy and so many trees fell (many on our property as well) that much of our corner of the state and British Columbia Canada had power outages. Our power went out on Saturday afternoon and wasn’t restored until Tuesday afternoon. When the power goes out it can be kind of fun and exciting… for a couple of hours. By day four you start to go a little crazy. Our water supply comes from a well which doesn’t work without electricity so we didn’t have access to water either. I have been spending plenty of time at the gym to kill time and also use their showers.

Now that we finally have the power back I am rejoicing…and catching up on laundry and dishes and taking hot showers. First world problems, yes I know.

What’s going on in your neck of the woods lately?

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Fall Cleaning


I know it’s not even September yet but here I am talking about Fall Cleaning. Fall Cleaning is like Spring Cleaning except obviously in the fall. I have found it makes the most sense for me to try to do a deep house cleaning at the change of every season. Cleaning everything really thoroughly four times per year helps make everything easy to maintain and the more often you do a deep cleaning the easier and faster it gets each time.  After trying out lots of methods, reading different books and articles about organization I have come up with a plan that works quite well for me. I use a combination of the Marie Kondo method and Jan Dougherty method of cleaning. I reviewed both of their books earlier this year. You should definitely check them out if you have a chance.  Here is the rundown on how I do my big quarterly house cleaning. It takes me about a week working a couple of hours everyday. I hope to get it things to the point where I can get it all done in a weekend.

I start at the back of the house and work my way towards the front. I choose a different room to work on each day. Bathrooms, then bedrooms, then the hallway, laundry room, kitchen, dining room and living room and that will bring us to the front door!

I start each room by removing the curtains, blankets, pillows and anything that can be put in the washing machine. Those get washed first. I then go through all the cabinets, dressers, closets and cupboards and remove everything. I clean out the shelves and wipe down everything one by one as I put it back. Anything that doesn’t “spark joy” gets donated or tossed. Seasonal cleaning is a good way to go through all your clothes and get rid of  (or pack away) anything that you won’t be wearing the next season.

Once all the cabinets and closets are cleaned out I remove anything from the room that isn’t bolted down. Picture frames, lamps, tables etc. If it’s too heavy to move out then I at least try to pull it away from the wall.

After the room is mostly empty I vacuum and dust the area where the walls meet the ceiling. Major dust and cobwebs! Then I work clockwise and wipe down all the walls working one arms length at a time, top to bottom.  Then I wipe down all the big pieces of furniture and add back all the accessories and art that I want to keep, wiping each one down as I put them back. By then the curtains and pillows are cleaning and dried and I can put them back.

I finish off with vacuuming and mopping the floors and then I plug-in my oil diffuser with a little eucalyptus essential oil and add a fresh-cut flower or two from the garden.

One room a day and I am done in a week. Some rooms take longer than others. I can do both bathrooms in a couple of hours and the bedroom ended up taking two days. I save the kitchen for the weekend since it needs the most attention.

I take the trash out daily and put all the donation items in my car right away so that they are completely out of the house.

Boom. Clean and tidy house for a least a little while! Like I said, it’s still August but I have the time right now to work on these types of things before school starts again in September.

What projects are you working on around the house?

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Attack of the Hornets


I have been working on my backyard landscaping for some time now. Slowly (and I mean really,really, slowly) things are coming together. I have been trying to save money on plants so I have been purchasing what I can from the clearance section at Home Depot and Lowes. When I was working on the front yard garden I dug up some ferns that were growing naturally on our property and moved them over to my yard. I decided to try to save more money by digging up more ferns for the backyard.

On Friday evening, since I had a scheduled day off from work I went out the woods behind my in-laws house with a shovel, some bags and my sidekick Luna the yellow lab. I found a section of ferns a little off the beaten path and started digging up a couple of the plants. I started working on a third when I noticed some buzzing. Then really loud buzzing. I looked down and saw a swirl of hornets near my feet. I had dug into a hornets nest! Then I felt the stinging begin… The hornets flew right up the back of my shorts and started stinging me all over my bum! I dropped my shovel and started running out of the woods like a bat out of hell. Luna had been far enough away to escape the wrath of the hornets. We ran down the path towards home and I could feel the hornets continuing to sting me repeatedly while I ran. I dropped my pants a little and tried to get the hornets out of my shorts but it didn’t work. I have never run so fast in my entire life. I ran into the house, ripped off my clothes screaming and got in the shower. My husband came over to see what my fuss was about. “Bees!” I screamed. There were several hornets still alive in my clothing and were flying all over the bathroom. Rob swatted them to death and then got me some water and Benadryl.

I layed on my side on the couch for the rest of the night, an ice pack strapped to each butt cheek with an Ace bandage. So. Much. Pain. Thank goodness I am not allergic. Upon further inspection of my booty I realized that I had been stung nearly 20 times all over my bum and a couple on my shoulder. Not fun. Not even a little bit. On Saturday morning we were supposed to take part in the Bubble Run in Everett, about an hour drive away. So we woke up at the ass-crack of dawn (pun intended) and ran 5Km through a soapy foamy bubble pit in Everett. My butt was on fire and feeling terrible the entire time (I’m talking about chaffing, y’all) but I did it. And so I have learned my lesson, I will be buying the rest of my plants from the actual nursery. Now excuse me while I go get some fresh ice packs for my butt.

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Summer Pinterest Contest

summer pinterst contest

There is only about a week left in August. Fall is around the corner and it’s almost the time of the year when Pumpkin Spice Everything takes over the world. I really enjoy this time of year. The weather is starting to cool down just a little bit but the never ending rainy season of the Pacific Northwest hasn’t started yet. I think it’s time to do another giveaway from my jewelry line Crafty Little Gnome. Allison was the winner of the last giveaway. She chose this custom necklace:

Evelope locketThe last Pinterest Contest I did was so successful I want to do another one. It’s simple to enter and you have three entries possible.

One: Pin this contest to Pinterest and help spread the word.

Two: Pin the item you would like to win from my shop

Three: Pin your favorite blog post from this blog.


Leave a comment with the entries you are entitled to and be sure to leave an email so I can get a hold of you if you win!


Good Luck!

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August Gardening


I finished up summer quarter at college on Monday. Now I can get back to some of my projects around the house. I am trying to get as much gardening done as I can while it is still nice out. I have added lots of plants to the front yard and managed to keep everything alive through this heatwave/drought we have been suffering through in the Pacific Northwest.

auggarden8This garden bed is in front of the house under the windows. The front yard is still going strong from the big overhaul we did last year. All our grass is dead because we don’t waste water watering the grass. Everything else is growing and filling in nicely.

auggarden9I added this garden bed in the front yard along the picket fence. There are roses, Brown Eyed Susans.  Blueberries, Purple Cone Flower, some grasses and a few other flowering perennials.


auggarden4Here we have the shade garden in the front yard. It is to the left of the walkway up to the house.  I planted rhodos, boxwood, hostas, ferns and coleus.

auggarden7In the backyard I added a small veggie garden next to the back porch. It will look better next year when I add more veggies earlier in the season.

auggarden2One of about a million cherry tomatoes!

auggardenA sunflower about to bloom. I had no idea how easy they were to grow. I plan on growing a ton of them next year.

For the next month or so I will be plugging away at the rest of the backyard. I will have some pictures to show you soon!

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