Summer Fun


Hey Friends! I have had a very busy couple of weeks. I started school at the beginning of July and it’s been a lot of work but also really enjoyable. I am learning a lot of really good information in my business classes. With only 3 weeks left in this quarter and 99% in both of my classes  I think it’s safe to say I am doing really well! In addition to school and work I have lots of summer time fun going on. A of weeks ago my husband and I participated in the Wipeout Run in Puyallup Washington. It’s an obstacle course 5K run based on the T.V. show Wipeout. It was a lot of fun.  We have a few more 5K runs coming up this summer. The Bubble Run in Everett, the Color Run in Bellingham and then the Mud to Suds in Ferndale.

This past weekend was pretty packed too. My daughters second birthday was on Friday, then Saturday was my 6th wedding anniversary and Sunday I went to a friend’s wedding!


The wedding was in Victoria BC so Chloe and I heading over to Vancouver Island with my mom and sister for the day to see my childhood friend (who also happens to be named Adrienne) get married! It was a beautiful day and the wedding was really lovely. Good times!



I will (fingers crossed) have a little extra time on my hands this week so I want to get some yard work done, get back on track with exercise and hopefully more time for blogging.

Ciao for now!

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Try Out Trends with Homestyler Interior Design


Interior design requires plenty of creativity. An imagination strong enough to visualize your ideas coming to life, and to see if this beautiful new couch will work well with your current wallpaper but without actually buying anything and lugging it home. It’s one of the reasons why, for most home designers and DIYers, the first few renovations can be hit-and-miss, but not anymore.

Thanks to the rapid growth of the mobile app market, we can now see our ideas come to life right from our mobile phones. As explained by the people behind mobile website Pocket Fruity, growth in mobile internet is among the strongest trends on the internet landscape to date. The number of smartphone users has grown from 1 billion in 2012 to nearly 2 billion this year. There are over 1.5 million apps on Google Play and the iTunes App Store, and many offer solutions to some of life’s most basic problems, including home decoration.

The Homestyler Interior Design app is possibly the crème de la crème – the very best of interior design apps out there. Available on both the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store for free, the app has been repeatedly hailed as a “can’t-live-without” app for designers. It has a myriad of features that are perfect for the struggling home decorator, including a stream of ideas from other users, which you can comment on and “heart” – similar to how things work on Instagram – as well as articles on design tips and how-to’s. Its most prominent feature – and the one you will probably use the most – however, is the one that lets you take a snapshot of your room, and then use realistic virtual items to customize it.

As you can see, you can even adjust the color of the paint on the walls, add blinds, floor lamps and rugs. There’s a great catalogue of items on the app, and even if you’re not planning on redecorating any time soon, it’s fun to experiment on different looks and try to come up with your next great room design. Most of the items on the app are also branded, so you can recreate your plans on the room just as you want them. Once you’ve created a design you like, you can share your room to other users as well, and get comments and feedback so you can further refine your style. The app can even put you in touch with professional designers in your area, should you need additional help with your designs.


This is a guest post from Joan Oliver

Joan Oliver has been obsessed with reading decorating blogs since she bought her first apartment — a boring 1-bedroom with tacky wallpaper and a hardwood floor. She’s since learned to experiment with what’s in her budget and make her living space truly her own, inspired by the current trend of refurbished lofts in London.

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Summer Time!


Hey Friends,

Things have been a little quiet around here lately. I am doing really well since my appendix surgery (feeling 100% better) and have been surviving this crazy heat wave we have been experiencing in the Pacific Northwest.

A while back I decided that I wanted to go back to college. Right after high school, when I still lived in British Columbia Canada I did one year of community college and then decided to go to school for cosmetology. Fast forward 10 years later I live in Washington state and  work part time as a supervisor at an international courier company and don’t do anything related to cosmetology! Go figure!

My employer has a program for tuition assistance. I discovered that if I go back to school they will pay 100% for my degree! It’s too good of a deal to pass up so I registered for classes at the local community college in Bellingham and I am on my way to get my associates degree in business administration. Since a lot of the credits from my first go at college years ago will transfer I can take classes online, part- time and get my degree in 2 years. I decided to start this summer with two classes, intro to accounting and intro to business. Classes started at the beginning of the month and so far I am doing well.

For the time being school, family and work are my priorities which means less time to devote to blogging and other creative hobbies but I will still do my best to stay active on my little blog here.

I’ve got some fun activities planned for the rest of the summer. My husband and I are participating in a few 5km races and we are hoping to get away for a weekend in August. I’m looking forward to some relaxing summer nights!

How are things going with your summer?


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Tile Trends 2015


When we moved into our little house 6 years ago we knew right away we needed to replace the flooring. 20 year old nasty green carpet covered all the floors except the bathroom and kitchen. Broken and cracked ceramic tile covered those floors. We decided to use vinyl tile on all the flooring. It was cheap and really easy to install. The only room that we still need to update the flooring on is the bathroom in the master bedroom. The original tile is cracked and broken in a few spots. I’m trying to decide what kind of tile to install in the bathroom. There are so many options to choose from. If you want to give your bathroom a fresh look, updating the tiles is a great place to start. You can choose from a myriad of tiles, in a variety of shapes and styles.

If you need some help deciding on a tile theme for your bathroom you can click this link to get some inspiration. You can see all the latest tile trends and find something to suit your décor.

The latest style in mosaic

Mosaic styles can transform your bathroom from ordinary to memorable. One of the most popular mosaic trends for 2015 is metallic finishes for glass tiles, which have expanded the range of mosaic tiles on offer.

Away from glass mosaics, multi-shaped stone mosaics are very popular. Shapes available include hexagons, triangles and ovals. Natural stone mosaic patterns can add a hint of luxury to your bathroom. If you want to highlight the pattern it’s a good idea to use a grout that complements the color of your tiles. For a more subtle effect use a grout that matches.

Softer tile textures

There will always be a place for high gloss tiles in a bathroom, but in 2015, matte and semi-gloss tiles are popular. They are useful if you want a softer feel to your bathroom environment. Following the same theme of mellower styles, there is a current trend for textured tiling. These textures include the look of wood, the look of fabric or a brushed finish.

Opting for a fabric look in your tiles is an excellent way of achieving the soft vibe of wallpaper in your bathroom. Tiles that look & feel like wood can give you a warm and natural feel on your bathroom floor. The techniques used in producing these tiles have advanced so much that it’s often difficult to tell them apart from real wood, from an appearance point of view.

The pop art look

You can show your personality by opting for a pop art design on your bathroom tiles. Designs include those inspired by the work of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. Other pop art tiles are adorned with patterns including camouflage and an array of bright colors in a brick shape. Any of these pop art tiles can be used throughout your bathroom, or to make a feature wall really pop.

Bathroom tiling is always going to be subject to individual taste, and there’s nothing wrong with opting for a timeless scheme of white or neutral tones. Although exploring the latest trends can be interesting and fun. When you find a theme that really grabs your imagination you can adapt it to turn your bathroom into the beautiful space that you’re aiming for.

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Goodbye Appendix :(


Hey Friends, how are you doing?

My week started off really great…until my appendix decided that it didn’t want to live in my body anymore!

Wednesday morning I woke up feeling just fine. I went about my day as normal, doing chores, playing with my daughter and then after lunch my stomach started to hurt a little bit. I didn’t really understand why because I hadn’t eaten anything weird but I felt an indigestion burning sensation and discomfort all over my belly. It’s not too uncommon for me to get an upset stomach. I often get heartburn and indigestion for no good reason.  I had an appointment for a haircut at 1:30 which I went to and by the time I got home I decided I should lay down for a while before I had to leave for work at 2:30. As I lay in bed my pain got worse and I felt more uncomfortable. I had taken some antacids but they didn’t help at all.  I pressed on my belly and the left side didn’t hurt but the right side was painful to the touch. I started to worry because I knew pain in your lower right abdomen can be appendicitis. At this point I was supposed to be leaving for work but I told my husband that I was worried I might have appendicitis. Should I tough it out, hope it went away and head to work or go to the emergency room instead? Rob told me that I should  go to the ER because if your appendix ruptures it’s really dangerous and life threatening. I had him call into work for me and I headed to the ER. My pain wasn’t debilitating at this point. It only hurt if I twisted my torso sharply or poked my right side. I drove myself to the hospital since Rob had to stay home with our daughter who was napping.

Lucky for me the ER wasn’t busy and it was a short wait to see a doctor. I was still able to walk around and the pain wasn’t horrible. The doctor examined me and also thought it seemed like I had appendicitis. Before I knew it I was in a hospital gown, hooked up to an IV and given pain killers and anti-nausea meds. They took my blood and a urine sample and ordered a cat scan. It was only 4 pm- just a couple of hours after the pain had originally started. The cat scan wasn’t conclusive. They couldn’t get a clear picture of my appendix ( it likes to hide behind the small intestine) My white blood cell count was high so they knew that there was some kind of infection but it wasn’t totally obvious that it was my appendix. I didn’t have a lot of the other symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea or even a fever. The pain wasn’t even as bad as I thought it would be. It hurt, but since they gave me pain meds right away it wasn’t too bad at all. The doctor and surgeon were trying to decide if they should send me home with pain killers and meds and have me come back in 24 hours to be re-scanned. They decided to an ultrasound first to see if anything showed up.

The ultrasound tech had a hard time getting a clear picture of my appendix as well. She had to use 3 different cameras and was poking around my belly hard. It hurt pretty bad. I got carted back to my room and was expecting to be told that they were going to send me home and have me come back the next day. Instead they told me that I had appendicitis and I was going to have surgery in one hour!

At this point it was 8pm and my friend Denai was sitting with me in the hospital. I was really scared of having surgery. I get pretty bad anxiety and the thought of being put under during the surgery freaked me the eff out! They gave me some “I don’t care medicine” to relax me and then I was whisked off to surgery!

Rob rushed over to the hospital but didn’t make it in time before they started my surgery. The front desk staff didn’t know where I had been moved too so he missed me by about two minutes but he was there when I woke up. I was feeling pretty terrible when I woke up. My whole body had started to shake really bad and the doctors  heated my body up with a hair dryer and bundled me up with blankets. By the time I was put into post op for recovery I was way too warm and felt like I was burning. I could barely speak because my throat hurt so bad from the breathing tube. All I could manage to say was “too hot, too hot” over and over until they took off some of my blankets. I had laparoscopic surgery which means instead of one big cut over my appendix they use three small incisions and stick cameras down into my belly and cut out the appendix that way. It’s less invasive and the healing time is supposed to be quicker. I stayed over night at the hospital and was released the next morning. I have been at home trying to take it easy and relax. Hopefully I will be back at work next week. I can’t say I’m in too huge of a rush to get back but sitting at home not being able to lift more than 10 pounds isn’t exactly fun either. My pain at the moment is tolerable. They gave me some Percocet which helps a lot. I am hoping to get down to just ibuprofen in a few days so I can drive and go back to work.

Anyways the lesson in my story is this: Listen to your body, if something doesn’t feel right get it checked out and if you are in doubt just go to the doctor and have them diagnose you. Better safe than sorry!

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Crafty Little Gnome: New Shop Arrivals

Happy Wednesday!

I have been busy working on some new jewelry pieces in my home studio. I thought I would share some of my new items for sale over at the Crafty Little Gnome online boutique.

Lots of new necklaces and bracelets. All customizable.


Top to bottom clock wise:

Tiny Feather in a Bottle Necklace

Earthy Pearl Bracelet

Black and Pearl Bracelet

Tiny Blue Lobster Claw in a Bottle Necklace

New Lace Earrings too!

3beadgold1newlaceear1pinkombre1 threebeadsilver1

Top to bottom clockwise:

Bronze and Pearl Golden Earrings

White Lace Dangle Earrings

Pink Ombre Lace Earrings

Bronze and Pearl Silver Earrings

There are few days left to enter the Early Summer Giveaway so make sure you head over and comment for a chance to win!


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Tea Pot Bird feeder


Shorty after Mothers Day I was shopping at Safeway and noticed that all of their Mothers Day flowers in the floral department were 70% off. I scored a lovely orchid plant in a ceramic teapot for only $10!

The orchid survived until last week when the pretty flowers started to wilt. I moved the orchid into a different container and plan to try to get it to re-bloom in a few months.

Because the teapot the orchid came in doesn’t have a lid it’s pretty much useless to me as a teapot ( I can’t say I have ever had guests over for tea either but that’s besides the point)

I saw this idea on Pinterest some time ago. A teapot turned bird feeder! Simply hang the teapot up onto a strong limb with some cord, plug the spout up with something so the seed doesn’t fall out ( I used some balled up plastic wrap and jammed it down) then fill with birdseed and wait for the little birdies to fly on over!

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Soufeel Review and Coupon!

soufeel1Hey friends!

You should all know by now how much I love jewelry and accessories. Usually I make my own pieces but I was given the exciting opportunity from Soufeel to review one of their gorgeous charm bracelets.

First I selected my base bracelet. I chose the bangle but there are several other choices for your base bracelet. I love the classy simplicity of the bangle.


You then choose your charms to add to the bracelet. Soufeel has a huge selection of charms to choose from in every theme you could possibly imagine. Check out their new summer arrivals and 70% discount presale on new designs  The charms  fit on Pandora and Chamilia bracelets if you already have one of those in your jewelry box.

soufeel9I chose these four beauties. All the charms are 925 Sterling silver.



My bracelet arrived quickly and packaged well. It came in a lovely jewelry box and included a bag for gift giving. These bracelets make a special gift that is totally customizable to the recipient.  Soufeel offers free worldwide shipping on orders over $50 and a 365 day exchange and return guarantee.


The clasp is secure and the bracelet is comfortable to wear. You can tell that Soufeel charms and bracelets are very high quality. They have a few special promotions going on right now. With orders over $59 you get a free ring. With orders over $79 you get a free 925 silver charm and orders over $99 you get a free bracelet!


All my readers get a 5% off coupon with code Adrienne5 at checkout. So head on over to Soufeel and get started creating your custom bracelet today!

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What’s Growing: Gardening Update June 2015


Our pink retro scooter (which has a dead battery at the moment) sits behind the sage and cat mint garden in the front yard.

Hey friends! I’ve got lots blooming in the garden this season and have been making progress on my gardening plans for the summer. Check out what’s growing!

DSCN3483This is the view to the left of the front walkway leading up to my house. I am still waiting for all the plants to grow and fill in but I have rhodos, hostas, ferns, boxwood and some ground cover.

DSCN3478Lemon balm in a pot in the front yard. I love this stuff! It smells so good!


I planted a couple blueberry bushes and the berries are almost ripe enough to eat! I just hope I can get to them before the birds do!

DSCN3488My pigs, Clementine and Tubs. They love to roll around in the mud on a hot day.

DSCN3494I have been a little reluctant to show off pics of the backyard because although it is looking better, it’s still in rough shape. I am working on a little project back here in this space. I can’t wait to show you once it’s finished!

More pics to come soon as things progress!

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Aquarium Makeover


We recently moved our 55 gallon aquarium from the spare bedroom into the living room so we can actually enjoy it instead of having it sit in an empty room. We got the aquarium stand for free from friends and the glass tank for free from Craigslist. The problem is that the fake wood veneer on the stand is definitely not my style. I had some left over black chalkboard paint from another project so I went ahead and painted the stand. I gave it a quick clean and removed the door. Then I painted about three coats of the black chalkboard paint, letting it dry between coats. The stand is impossible to move so I had to be careful not to get paint everywhere. I updated it with a new handle.  Don’t you think it looks much better?


If you are planning to try this don’t forget to prime your piece of furniture first. Chalk paint does not need a primer but chalkboard paint does and if you don’t prime the tiniest little dings will leave scratch marks! (not that I would know from experience :) )

The art above the aquarium are prints from Yellena. The used to hang in my kitchen but I moved them into the living room.

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